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Change your perspective on wellness

Online Coaching with Erin Smith

What I Specialize In


Non-diet Diet

Healthy Lifestyle

Fitness Fun


Meet Erin

Personal Wellness Coach

Certified Fitness Professional & Mindfulness Teacher

"Healthy" used to mean losing weight & exercising more.

But Whole Health flips the script - people are only whole when body, mind, heart and spirit are acknowledged and in balance.

Personal coaching can help you find that balance.

"Erin transformed my concept of self and success. I realized I had everything I already needed to fill the holes in my heart. I came to her to lose weight, and I ended up gaining a new love of life!"

- Sally

"I knew something was "off" in my life. I didn't realize it was my own attitude. Erin helped me identify my barriers to happiness and get out of my way."


"I feel stronger, more confident, and healthier than at any other point in my life!"

- Mary

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Whole Health Coaching Options

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1- Month Personal Coaching

Learn the 7 pillars of a whole and balanced life and how to apply mindfulness to each. Work with Erin to create individualized plans for eating, exercising, staying motivated and remaining mindful throughout your day. During the duration of your time as a personal coaching client, you will have a cheerleader, a mentor and an accountability partner; once you have left the program, you will have the skills necessary for sustaining and improving your wellness throughout the rest of your beautiful life. Package includes an initial consultation, coaching appointments, goal setting & monitoring, wellness resources, & ongoing support for the 30 days.


3-Month Personal Coaching

Let’s collaborate on your wellness journey! Over three months, you’ll receive support, resources & encouragement to meet your wellness goals. Package includes an initial consultation, six coaching appointments, goal setting & monitoring, wellness resources & support.

Stone Tower

6-Month Personal Coaching

You’re ready to transform your mind, body, and lifestyle. I’m ready to help you! Over six months, we’ll dive deep into what’s currently holding you back, explore tools to create sustainable change, set and track progress toward your wellness goals, and bring greater balance to your life as a whole. Package includes an initial consultation, twelve coaching appointments, goal setting & monitoring, wellness resources & ongoing support.

"We Could All Use a Health Coach"

-- The New York Times, by Jane E. Brody
    published June 7, 2021

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