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About Whole Health

What is it and why do you need it?

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Thankfully, from great tragedy comes great change.


Through the treatment team, she was reintroduced to the concept and practice of mindfulness and its effects on the body. She was so fascinated by the concept and its application to her son, to her situation, and to the world at large that she stayed up night after night reading anything she could find on the subject. And amazingly, miraculously, she began to detect a shift. A shift in her son and his ability to cope with the world, but also a shift in her and her husband, in her family, in her relationships to others and to herself, and especially in her health. And she knew she had found the missing piece, the hole in her own health journey,

the thing that had held her back from happiness.By applying mindfulness to her own life, Erin realized that health and wellness, as we have come to know them in our society, is lacking in its focus. By putting all the attention on the outward self, an obsession fed by the same industry in which she works, people are being devalued and find themselves to be constantly, chronically unhappy and unfulfilled. Yet, by applying the same amount of attention to the inward self, by cultivating one's ability to be mindful, movement toward healing, acceptance, strength, love happiness are indeed possible. And that is the definition of wellness.

Coaching with Erin means getting real on many levels. It will be a journey of both getting uncomfortable and accepting what is. She is just as passionate about helping and healing as she is about (re)discovering joy and fun, all things that lead to a full life. A healthy life. A whole life.

Are you in?

The world of fitness has some dark corners.


It is a $160 Billion industry that thrives on the low self-esteem and low confidence of a society obsessed with body image. We have been led to believe that thin = attractive, healthy, deserving, successful... That anything else is a reflection of laziness or poor self control... That thin tastes better than any food... That diet and exercise are the only players that factor into a person's health, and if one can master those 2 things, they can be thin.

And thin = happy. (Sound familiar?)

Anything that feeds off of fear and capitalizes on doubt is not to be trusted.

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