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About Whole Health

What is it and why do you need it?

The world of fitness and wellness has some dark corners.


It is a $125 Billion industry that thrives on the low self-esteem and low confidence of a society obsessed with body image. We have been led to believe that thin = attractive, healthy, deserving, successful... That anything else is a reflection of laziness or poor self control... That thin tastes better than any food... That diet and exercise are the only players that factor into a person's health, and if one can master those 2 things, they can be thin.  And thin = happy.  (Sound familiar?)


The truth is, the fitness business is just that - A BUSINESS. And in order to keep selling, it has to keep convincing us of our ineptitudes.

"Thin/Happy" is the product that we are all supposed to buy into with actual money... The trendy athletic gear, the tracking devices, the sleep aids, the diet pills, the nutritional supplements, the trainers, the gym memberships, the on-line subscriptions, the self-help books, the podcasts, the equipment, the specialized shoes, and on and on and on...

This product is sold to us over and over again using the age old model of FUD - Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt

We are already prone to compare our lives to the Jones's, and social media takes that incessant, relentless comparing to new heights. Add to that the fear of missing out on the latest exercise trends, the uncertainty that you have chosen the correct diet for your body type or the doubt that you in fact know anything about what our body has been telling you... it's quite easy to see how the industry thrives!

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Enjoying the Nature

Now, imagine flipping the script completely.

Imagine a life NOT dominated by fear or uncertainty or doubt, NOT ruled by toxic comparisons, negative self talk or low self esteem.


Allow yourself to indulge for a moment in a world filled with color and vibrancy and unchecked possibility. And then, put yourself into that world. Yourself, as you are now. Your beautiful, imperfect, wonderful, miraculous, flawed, human self.

Can you do it? Can you see it? Can you feel it??

THAT is what coaching with Erin is about.

You are already whole. But you have become fragmented and lost in the business of health, constantly feeling unhappy and unfulfilled by an industry paid by keeping its clients feeling "less than." You have been continually fed the lie that you are not enough.

Whole Health Coaching is about finding your way back to your whole self. By applying attention to outward AND inward self, and by cultivating the ability to be mindful in all aspects of life, movement toward healing, acceptance, strength, love and happiness are indeed possible. Erin is passionate about working with clients to investigate past and current health blocks; educating about mindfulness, meditation, neuroplasticity and their importance to our health journeys; and (re)discovering the joy and fun of a healthy life!


You have everything within you to be completely and utterly in love with your life, every moment of every day. 

Sometimes you just need the right coach to help you see what's already inside of you.

Are you in?

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